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Welcome to Brevard's Reusable Resources Adventure Center!

We are a small non-profit organization run by volunteers and dedicated to helping teachers and others who work with children to get creative materials to use in hands-on projects. 

Material Donations: see what we collect and what we can't use. We are not accepting household/food containers at this time.

Center Information: details about our center itself


Calendar: lists our open times and dates.

Workshops: the Reusable Resources Adventure Center can now accommodate more workshops for children, adults and families with a dedicated workshop facility. Please call or email us to schedule a workshop for your group.

Reopening on Wednesdays by appointment!

We would like to open, but have been in strict quarantine because of a family member. Thank you for helping us protect our family.
Please contact us by 6:00 pm on Tuesday, to schedule a visit from 2:00 to 5:00 pm on Wednesday. Email is best: kvidrew@gmail.com, or drwalterdrew@gmail.com.
Please bring the correct cash (or check) amount ($5 a bag) if you are not a member.
Masks are required; we have some for sale made from beautiful upholstery cotton for $5.
Please leave young children at home.


What is a Reusable Resources Center?

 Creative and energetic teachers have been collecting and reusing scrounged materials for years. Teachers know that children develop a unique sense of self-worth from being creative. However, creative hands-on activities are often hampered by a lack of good materials. Yet, within every community there is a wealth of material resources that remains untouched. This discovery has led to an exciting partnership that has businesses, schools and parents working together to help our children and our environment.

 Local businesses and industries are donating a continuous supply of free materials, referred to as “impaired assets,” that they no longer want. Reusable resource centers receive these overruns, rejects and obsolete supplies, including such diverse materials as Mylar, foam, fabric, felt, wood, wire, tile, plastic pieces, and paper. A growing network of over 100 centers then make these materials available for teachers to promote constructive play and enhance our children’s educational experiences.

Where Discards Become Discoveries

The Reusable Resources Adventure Center (RRAC) is a non-profit community service of the Institute for Self Active Education and a founding partner of the Florida Network of Reuse Centers. The continuing goal of the Center is to bring resources, donated by local industries and businesses, to Brevard County classrooms, teachers, students and parents through events held at the Center.


The Center is a place where you will discover interesting objects of many different sizes and materials that can be used in creative construction, art, play and learning activities.  These materials are open ended; their use is as wide as your imagination.


Reusable Resources Adventure Center is a program of Institute for Self Active Educcation, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, and is supported by Dr. Drew's Toys, Inc. & Kiwanis Club of Melbourne, Phone #: 321-984-1018