Welcome to Brevard's Reusable Resources Adventure Center
The Reusable Resources Adventure Center is a program of the Institute for Self Active Education and a member of the Reusable Resources Association (www.reuseresources.org).



*We are a small non-profit organization run by volunteers and dedicated to helping teachers and others who work with children to get creative materials to use in hands-on projects. 

*Please look under Material Donations to see what we collect and what we can't use. 

*Please see our "Center Information" page for details about our center itself, and our "Calendar" page for our open times and dates.

*Workshops: the Reusable Resources Adventure Center can now accommodate more workshops for children, adults and families with a dedicated workshop facility. Please call or email us to schedule a workshop for your group.

New: We have added a monthly "Creativity Circle" to our calendar. Come play with us! See the calendar dates for details.


Where Discards Become Discoveries


The Reusable Resources Adventure Center (RRAC) is a non-profit community service of the Institute for Self Active Education and a founding partner of the Florida Network of Reuse Centers. The continuing goal of the Center is to bring resources, donated by local industries and businesses, to Brevard County classrooms, teachers, students and parents through events held at the Center.


The Center is a place where you will discover interesting objects of many different sizes and materials that can be used in creative construction, art, play and learning activities.  These materials are open ended; their use is as wide as your imagination.



A Message from the Directors


Walter F. Drew, Ed.D. and Kitty Drew

We welcome this opportunity to acknowledge the many friends and colleagues who have helped to support our work. We thank our volunteers, resource contributors, patrons of the center, the Brevard County Schools and Waste Management/Recycling programs, community event planners who make use of our reusable resources, and the many teachers who have embraced the concepts of the Institute for Self Active Education, using their knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm to incorporate reusable resources in their curriculum.

 Just as it is important for us as individuals to recognize and value ourselves and our contributions to our family and community, it is also important for our businesses and industries to recognize and value the contribution they can make to help our teachers educate our children. By working together, we all benefit.


What is a Reuse Resource Center?


Creative and energetic teachers have been collecting and reusing scrounged materials for years. Teachers know that children develop a unique sense of self-worth from being creative. However, creative hands-on activities are often hampered by a lack of good materials. Yet, within every community there is a wealth of material resources that remains untouched. This discovery has led to an exciting partnership that has businesses, schools and parents working together to help our children and our environment.


Local businesses and industries are donating a continuous supply of free materials, referred to as “impaired assets,” that they no longer want. Reusable resource centers receive these overruns, rejects and obsolete supplies, including such diverse materials as Mylar, foam, fabric, felt, wood, wire, tile, plastic pieces, and paper. A growing network of over 100 centers then make these materials available for teachers to promote constructive play and enhance our children’s educational experiences.


These centers benefit a wide audience. Goods that have lost usefulness for the business community are now enabling educators to provide valuable resources that stimulate innovative, creative hands-on play and learning across the curriculum. These centers provide homes for unused materials, and the ethics of reuse and recycling are promoted. It is truly a win-win situation.


There are currently 21 centers located throughout the state of

Florida, which are networked through the Reusable Resources Association, a 501(c)3, non-profit, tax exempt Florida corporation.



Reusable Resources Adventure Center of Melbourne, Florida is a program of the local non-profit Institute for Self Active Education. This center is a founding partner of the Florida Reusable Resources Network. 



Reusable Resources Adventure Center is a program of Institute for Self Active Educcation, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, and is supported by Dr. Drew's Toys, Inc. & Kiwanis Club of Melbourne, Phone #: 321-313-9591