What to Donate?
Materials donations for the Center

What materials can individuals donate to the Reusable Resources Center?


Game board pieces & dice

Costume jewelry & watches

Silk or plastic flowers

Buttons beads, sequins

Sewing notions, thread & spools

Ribbon, yarn, felt, fabric pieces

Any other craft materials, tools

Key chains, keys, safety pins

Advertising buttons, magnets

Jigsaw puzzle pieces, Playing cards

Wallpaper or shelf paper pieces

Post cards: new or used

Postage stamps: used/cancelled


Film canisters, trinket boxes

Rubber bands, paper clips

Office supplies

Ring binders, folders, notebooks

Small gift or paper bags

Bubble or foam wrap, peanuts

Nuts, bolts, screws: hardware

Plastic screw top lids, ripcords

Baby food and spice jars (clean)

Mason type jars with lids (clean)

Cigar boxes, heavy duty boxes

Unused drinking straws, corks

Swizzle sticks, plasticware (unused)

Wire, any size

Oatmeal, coffee containers (clean)

Cardboard rolls: foil, carpet, etc.

Large 5 gallon or kitty litter buckets


* Please make sure all donations are clean and ready for someone else to use.

* We cannot use any electronics unless they are in perfect working condition and you check with us ahead of time.

* We cannot use old paint, oil, rusty stuff; nothing hazardous.



What materials can businesses donate to the Reusable Resources Center?

Injection molding pieces, beads

Wire, rope, wire harnesses

End caps, electronics containers

Electronics pieces

Spindles, spools, turnings

Magnets, clips

Matte board, foam core board

Paper of any size and weight

Contact paper, billboard signs

Cardboard tubes, carpet tubes

Bamboo poles, end cuts

Framing end cuts

Plastic lumber pieces

Foam punch-outs, sheets

Office supplies

Coffee containers

Office equipment (contact us first)

Bubble wrap, packing peanuts

Promotional giveaways

Conference decorations, bags

Fabric of any type, weight

Swatches, samples: any

Buttons, lace, fasteners

Thread, yarn, ribbon

Ceramics pieces, tiles

Nuts, bolts, hardware (clean)

Cardboard cups, popcorn buckets

5 gallon buckets (clean)

Large barrels (55 gal, or other)

Gears, wheels, springs

Motor parts, hoses

Hospital caps from serum bottles

Unused tubing, trays, containers

Overruns, byproducts, end cutoffs

* Financial donations always accepted!

*Donated materials should be clean and ready for someone to use.

* Please call us with any questions regarding the usability of your items.

Currently there are no questions and answers.


Reusable Resources Adventure Center is a program of Institute for Self Active Educcation, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, and is supported by Dr. Drew's Toys, Inc. & Kiwanis Club of Melbourne, Phone #: 321-313-9591